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Hypertension clinic


Hypertension is one of the most common human diseases. It affects more than half of the population older than the age of 50. Affected patients will not know about their hypertension and less they have a routine or screening blood pressure taken.


Some patients will learn of their conditions upon suffering a major complication such as heart failure, kidney failure or a stroke. That is the reason why hypertension is regarded as a silent killer.


The disease occurs usually between the ages of 40 and 60. Any occurrence at an earlier or later age should trigger medical investigations of another condition causing the hypertension.


The most common symptoms of uncontrolled hypertension or headache and neck stiffness.

Treatment of hypertension hinges on appropriate diet daily exercise and the right medications for each specific patient. Overweight patients with hypertension often improve their condition by losing weight. It is important that all patients with hypertension decrease their salt intake.


Medications are prescribed to achieve blood pressure control. The most common are grouped in six classes. Different patients respond differently to the same class of medications.


Patients with untreated hypertension are at high risk for heart attack, kidney failure requiring dialysis and stroke. Patients with all three diagnoses are not exceptional.

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